Brice Creek

April 8, 2001

A total of 21 people signed up for this hike but only 13 gathered at the parking lot for an 8:30 Sunday morning departure. Earlier in the week when I scouted the trip there was snow on the ground, trees and plants. There was still snow on Sunday with fairly cold temperatures. We did a car shuttle, leaving one car at the West Bridge and started our hike at the East Bridge. There is a new sign marking the trail to Upper Trestle Creek Falls, which is where we started. The steepness of the trail gets your heart working right away. It was truly a fairy land with the snow. There was a lot of water going over the falls and it is always spectacular to walk behind a waterfall. After the Falls Loop we reached the main Brice Creek Trail and had lunch by the water's edge. After lunch some hikers walked the quarter-mile to Lower Trestle Creek Falls for a look. Then, all hiked the rest of the trail, alert to flowers already in bloom such as Trillium, Lady Slipper and Spring Beauty. It didn't start raining until we finished the hike about 3:00. This fun group of hikers were Susan Baker, Max Brown, Chris Christensen, Danielle Delaby, Shayne Florer, Yuan Hopkins, Diane Kurz (who shared her birthday treats at trails end with the group), Bill & Margaret Prentice, Barbara Schomaker, Michelle Tambellini, Sheila Ward and Sandra Larsen, leader.

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