Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 8, 2001

We gathered at the SEHS parkinglot on a cold, showery morning. Six no-shows decided it wasn't good weather for ducks, so we headed up to the refuge. We spent time at McFadden Marsh, looking at a few ratters, some ducks and sorting out bird songs. There were still a few thousand Canada geese hanging around and it was impressive when they would all take flight. We took a leisurely hike on the Mill Pond Trail looking at the early wild flowers and listening to the early birds. As we made our final pit stop before heading homewe got hit by a tremendous hail storm. There was so much accumulation that we could even exchange a few snow balls! Participating nature lovers were Mary Goldsmith, Peter & Kitson Graham, Barbara Keller, Helen Liguori, Nola Shurtleff, Sonja Strauss, Margee Wright and leader Rick Ahrens.

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