Drift Creek, South Horse Creek

April 7, 2001

The day was starting out to be a good one ... while on the way into town and SEHS, this leader had to move a dead dog off the road, there was a wreck on the I-5 overpass which made me miss the Ferry St. Bridge and having to get to SEHS by way of the Fairgrounds! There was fog here and there, mostly in the direction we were to travel, north-west. As we approached the ridgeline above Drift Creek, we entered the "snow zone". Just how much snow was ahead was the question; thank goodness we were in a four-wheel drive rig. After driving about nine miles we got to the trailhead. Upon our descent, it was cold, wet and had started to snow a little. "No!" came the answer to the leader's question, "Do we want to turn back?" So onward we went, at this time glad that the non-members had decided not to come. It was good that we had not turned back, because we were rewarded by a quite beautiful trail, and trilliums in full bloom.
When we were having lunch Jerry spotted a large crawdad. By the way, did I mention that it had stopped raining and snowing, leaving us a wonderful trip coming out of the canyon, the sky bright blue with big white clouds and gentle breeze. Hikers were Jerry Brindle, Janet Jacobsen and trip leader Rebecca Hansen.

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