McDonald Research Forest

April 5, 2001

Chip Ross, Park, Dimple Hill, Lower and Upper Horse Trails, Lewisburg Saddle and Old Growth Trails, yes, they are all here, along with, if you know what a grouse sounds like calling for a mate. This forest is 7,000 acres. Logging began back in the late 1800s. The forest was donated to the OSU College of Forestry by Mary McDonald in 1925 for the purpose of strengthening the forestry program. Starting at Chip Ross Park Trail, we traveled to Dan's Trail, forked off to Lower then Upper Horse Trails to Patterson Rd., up the road to 600, across to the Lewisburg Saddle, down to Old Growth and back to 600 and Patterson Rd. to Dimphe Hill, down Dan's Trail to Chip Ross, around the top and back to the cars. It made for a long day. On the trail up over the top of Ross Park there is a wonderful view of Corvallis. On top are many memorials to different people. One was for Willi Unsoeld, a teacher of philosophy at OSU, who lost his life on Mt. Rainier in 1979. One young man, only 16 (1947-1963) had lost his life; Chip Ross Park now bears his name. On a rock is written: "The beauty of the hill top, may it forever remind us of the human spirit". I believe we all had a good trip (and there was no rain!). Hikers were Jerry Brindle, Jim Clarkson, Jan Jacobsen, Carol Houde, Bob Moffitt and Rebecca Hansen (leader).

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