South Sister

August 25, 2001

At the ungodly hour of 4:00 a.m., our group left Eugene. Our hike from the Devil’s Lake trailhead to the top of South Sister was largely uneventful. It being a beautiful, warm day, there was an amazing number of people and groups on the mountain, of all ages, sizes and species. On top the wind was blowing with a vengeance, and plucked my hat from my head and sent it sailing into Central Oregon. The strong wind also created a chilly environment on top. We marveled on our way back down at the climbers coming up (too late in the day, we thought), clad only in their running shorts and singlets; surely they would pay for their short-sightedness and freeze on top!). We made it back to the car in just over seven hours from our start, and back to Eugene in time to catch an Emeralds baseball game. Climbers were Stephen Kramer and Andy Jobanek (both achieving their first Obsidian peak) and George Jobanek, leader.

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