Mt. Washington

August 19, 2001

This was the first “All Women’s Climb” sponsored by the Obsidians. The intent was to create a supportive environment for women who might otherwise be intimidated by a technical rock climb in the Oregon Cascades. There was a great deal of interest in the climb, and several people were put on a waiting list. The weather was perfect. Much to our surprise, we did not see any other climbers on the route. We reached the summit around 11:00 a.m. A fixed line (three ropes) was set up on the summit block, so we were able to move quickly. We had some Obsidian veterans, some new climbers, and some climbers returning to the sport after a long hiatus. Everyone had a safe and enjoyable experience. Climbers included Cathy Fairbanks, Patrice Dirksen, Marsha Barr, Peggy Lee Mathes, Sherrill Blodget, Lisa Manotti and Deb Carver, leader.

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