South Sister

July 29, 2001

Ten of us awoke at Devil’s Lake C.G. to a sky full of stars and frost on the cars. We started up the trail at 5:45 a.m. and made our way up a mile and a half through the woods to the Moraine Lake Plateau, where we were met by a stiff, cool breeze. We walked along the trail, visiting, taking pictures and enjoying the sunshine. At about 8000 ft. we noticed that the weather might be changing for the worse, so we made a charge for the summit. We got to the crater rim by 10:40, where we found a sheltered spot to have lunch. Then we took the 15-minute hike around the crater to the summit, where we snapped a few pictures before making a quick retreat due to the wind and cold. At approximately 1:30 p.m. we had descended to 8000 ft. when a wall of clouds came rolling in from the west. A light rain began to fall, so we hurried back to the cars, arriving by 3:00. Special thanks to my co-leader Gerry Roe for taking back two climbers, which allowed the rest of the group to summit. Climbers were Mark Henderson, Gerry Roe and Bill Strek. Summiting were Dave Becker, Dave Bertner, Greg & Jim Henderson, Jim Moore, Jim Pierce and Mark Slipp (climb leader).

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