Mt. Hood

June 16, 2001

Four determined climbers made the glorious ascent of Mt. Hood on June 16, a trip that was originally scheduled for May 18-19 but was canceled at the last minute due to avalanche danger. All were prepared, thanks to the excellent information and equipment list developed by Steve Still. Leaving the WyEast Lodge at 15 minutes after midnight were five of us. Shortly into the climb, Gerry left the group due to feeling ill. The night was perfectly clear, the winds brisk bt not the “knock-you-over” kind, and the stars twinkled brightly in the moonless sky. After a rest break at the top of the Palmer snow field, Peggy, par usual, became rather ill. Grateful for the patience and concern of her fellow climbers, she marched determinedly upward. After another much-needed and cold break at the beginning of the Hog’s Back, during which the water bottles were freezing shut, we roped for the steep ascent across the bergschrund. The detour to the firm snow bridge was thankfully short. Eight hours and 15 minutes found all four of us happily taking pictures from the summit. Especially glad to have “made it”, Peggy Lee received congratulatory hugs from the guys for achieving her tenth peak! Four hours and eight minutes later, all had returned safely to the cars. We were delighted that Gerry met us at the top of Palmer and hiked down with Peggy. Participants were Gerry Roe, John Heasley, David Adkins and co-leaders Steve Still & Peggy Lee Mathes.

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