Mt. Hood

May 4, 2001

On the night before the climb, the wind gusted with hurricane-like force. Needless to say, we did not get a lot of sleep. The early morning was still blustery and very cold, but the mountain was still climbable. As usual, there were lots of head lamps to guide us up to the top of the Palmer chair. The speed of the climbers in the group varied considerably and some reached the Palmer well ahead of others. As we waited for our group to collect, some of the climbers were getting very cold, and it became evident that one person was going to have trouble keeping up with the rest. In the interest of camaraderie, we decided to turn back. Although we were disappointed, it was the best decision for the group. As a postscript, some of the climbers returned the following weekend on their own and summited. Climbers included Rena Gold, Sherrill Blodget, Travis Suggs, Brian Roddy, John Cox and Deb Carver, leader.

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