South Loop, Ray Benson

March 5, 2000

My, what an interesting trip this proved to be! Two inches of new snow, not 8". Snowing, not high clouds and sun, so no views which are so great on this trail. One skier could not get her “automatic” binding to lock down. After spending considerable time trying to help her, Clare and I gave her the keys to the truck, told her to wait in the warming hut, and caught up with the others five minutes later only to find someone else very ill. We all returned to my truck with her. Everyone then left to ski the loop and I took her to the first aid station at Hoodoo. They put her to bed complete with hot water bottles and an electric blanket. Wow, what service! Some time later, being assured that she would be okay and was in good hands, I gathered up the person with the now-working ski and we skied out to meet the group. My thanks to Dan Bates for helping with the driving, to Elliot for leading the group and for the M&Ms. Obsidians were: Norma Lockyear, Elliot Aronin, Clare Tucker, Martha Welches, Dan Bates and Dave Predeek; and non-members Kent Kullby, Jane Dods and Pam Woddell. Sharon Ritchie, leader.

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