Three Creek Lake

February 20, 2000

The hardy crew that set out for the Three Creek Lake trail in the vicinity of Sisters left the SEHS parking lot at 7:30 and were on the trail by 10:30. While the weather was too cloudy for the superb views hoped for, the snow was fine, and the speedy ones of the group were at the lake before 2:00 p.m., patiently waiting those who had equipment or muscle problems. The trip down was a bit more adventuresome. We took the Park Creek Meadow loop, which was at first quite gentle and beautiful, leading through superb forests with occasional glimpses of Mt. Jefferson. Once the trail headed steeply downhill through the trees, however, frequent exclamations of surprise were heard as various skiers took tumbles. Once again, the group became widely separated, though always in communication, and the last (tired) remnants of the group of seven finally made it down in the dark! One of our resourceful group had even rounded up two snowmobiles to rescue one of our exhausted skiers, but that proved unnecessary — everyone made it down in one piece. The leader’s thanks go to all the members for exhibiting patience and good sportsmanship. Skiers were Anne Dhu McLucas (leader) with Obsidians Dave Garcia and Doug McClure and non-members Lew Bowers, Sat Nam Kholsa, Robby Cummins and Jim Whitfield.

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