Bald Hill Park, Corvallis

February 6, 2000

This winter walk featured an animal theme, unexpectedly. The leader had promised a few cows to admire on the bike path past the OSU barns. We missed the cows, but did see sheep and ponies. Geese flew overhead as we walked. During our lunch stop we petted and rubbed noses with llamas. A large group of llamas was out for a walk with accompanying humans. The Corvallis bike paths were in use by numerous walkers, but not many bicyclists. We turned off the lovely asphalt and climbed Bald Hill in classic ankle-deep Oregon winter mud. Then, of course, we turned around and walked back to our cars. One car elected to drive on the scenic Peoria Road back to Eugene. Participants were Julie Conlon, Yuan Hopkins, Sig Otto, Helen Liguori, Nola Shurtleff and Susan Baker (leader).

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