Mazama Lodge/Mt. Hood Ski Trip

February 3-5, 2000

This event could be titled a “Winter” Summer Camp. Where to begin? Our numbers got as high as 43; we ended up with 36. We had good weather the first day, 2 inches of new snow overnight, then sunshine on the second day and everything on the third!

We ascended on Mazama Lodge on Thursday, quickly threw bags onto bunks and met in the dining area to determine what the afternoon adventures would be. Snowshoers took off up the mountain towards Timberline. Downhillers and our one ski-skater (or is it skate-skier?) headed for Mt. Hood Meadows, while cross-country skiers headed either up the mountain or down the trail; toward Trillium Lake. Evening found us enjoying outstanding vegetarian dishes prepared by Jasmine and Jason Staff, the managers of the Lodge. This was followed by lots of conversation and laughter.

Friday morning breakfast was enjoyed watching the snow come down. Eager to get out in it, everyone dispersed to different points of the compass again, this time with most cross-country folks saturating the trails of Teacup Nordic Trails for a few heart-stopping thrills roaring down trails entitled “Revenge” and “Screamer”. Everyone agreed later that no matter where they went, the day was perfect. That evening the leader was stunned into a rare occurrence: silence! The delivery of a birthday cake with candles, song, and the funniest, naughtiest, nicest cards with wonderful messages was definitely the best birthday ever!

After breakfast Saturday, everyone packed up and, again, took off in different directions for a few more hours of their favorite winter activity. I apologize for not naming names on each of the specific trips. This report would read like “Gone with the Wind” should I have done that!

Yes, we will do it again next year. Please read the article on Page ?? of this Bulletin for some early details. If you didn’t come this year, we hope you will be able to join us next year!

Participants were: Elliott & Priscilla Aronin, Barb Bruns, Wendy Clark, Bob & Pat Dark, Leona Devine, Bill Disher, Kitson & Peter Graham, Sally Grosscup, Bev Halter, Corrine Hunt, Mardi Klotz, Sandra Larsen, Dot Leland, Lana Lindstrom, Norma Lockyear, Doug McCarty, Grace & Ray Mikesell, Chuck Mitchell, Anne Montgomery, Beki Montgomery, Bill Montgomery, Marilyn & Royal Murdock, P.J. Neis, Margaret Prentice, Chuck & Sandy Reul, Velma Shirk, Chris Shuraleff, Jonathan Tressler, and Clare Tucker. Sharon Ritchie (Trip Leader).

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