Midnight Lake

January 23, 2000

We started at 8:30 with eleven eager skiers and three people happy to drive. By 10:30 it was snowing and we were skiing on the trail to Midnight Lake. We soon discovered we had a good ice base and there were many deep tree wells. The sky was clear as we ate our lunch and skied around the lake. As John and Sid provided hot beverages to anyone with a cup I began fretting as I never ski with a cup! I did however have a plastic sandwich container which quickly emptied and used as a cup for some delicious hot chocolate. There was a multitude of dogs on the Pengra Pass road out having a great time stepping to ski tracks. We went the slow way in on the trail and the fast way out on the road. After a beautiful day skiing we arrived to a downpour in Eugene. Try to get Sid and John on your next ski trip … and always pack a cup just in case they are along. Skiers were: Nancy Harrington, Mari Baldwin, Helen Liguori, Janet Hall, Clare Tucker, Lew Bowers, Bob Bennett, Sid McGee, Marriner Orum, John Lucachick and Diane Jeffcott (leader).

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