Odell Lake

January 12-14, 2000

Five feet of snow in the previous 48 hours and it snowed all weekend. Dry powder, great people, too much food. — Sharon Ritchie. The Danish dynamo did it again … waist-deep snow! — Clare Tucker. Great books read, despite electricity going out: The Secret House of Death, Furthermore, Long Walk to Freedom, Ahal’s Wife Court, Down the River, Lava. — Jan Jacobsen. Eat, ski, sleep, eat, ski, sleep. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. — Norma Lockyear. How much melted snow does it take to fill a toilet tank? A lot! — Leona Devine. Trees declaring war on the cabin. Heavy snow bombs from laden branches dropping on metal roof, exploding! No need for a rooster to wake you in the morning. Timbered cabin, waist-high fresh snow. Obsidian story-telling and communalism at its best. Candlelight and quiet breakfast with a view outside picture window in which to lose yourself. — Helen Liguori. It is an easy task to be a so-called leader of a group of great leaders. When we did not have light or water my greatest contribution was “;When it’s yellow, let it mellow; when it’s brown flush it down”, and then start collecting snow in all available containers. We did well and became more and more inventive. Candlelight makes everything gentle and cozy. A very special treat was the “resident” male, unfixed wolf who was so shy last year, but had gathered a lot of confidence. It was sheer delight to see this magnificent, dignified wolf play joyfully in obvious friendship and almost constant company of the little female pug, “Honey” as it is called, and even let P.J. pet him. Participants were Leona Devine, Jan Jacobsen, Norma Lockyear, Helen Liguori, Chuck Mitchell, Patricia Neis, Sharon Ritchie, Clare Tucker and Birgitte B. Williams, leader.

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