Heceta Head/Hobbit Trail

November 5, 2000

As the last official hike of the Summer trips season, this one went with a bang! Nineteen people showed up at the parking lot, very enthusiastic for a coastal hike. It was darn near perfect. We parked at Washburne Campground, took the China Creek loop, crossed the highway, up the mountain with nice views up the coast. Down the mountain to the lighthouse, where we had lunch and three-quarters of us did the lighthouse tour. The sky was overcast, an occasional light breeze — nice hiking weather. After lunch, we backtracked to the highway, then took the Hobbit Trail down to the beach for a lovely stroll up the coast. Unfortunately, this leader messed up. I had in mind that we had to hike to the bridge (which was wrong). This caused us to hike approximately one quarter of a mile further. After a quick save by scrambling up an embankment and through a meadow, we then went out on the highway until we got back to the “proper” bridge which goes over China Creek. Added half-a-mile to the trip. Everyone was really good sports about it. Maybe someone should take my “leader” badge away from me! Many thanks to Michelle for taking the point, and to Velma for being “sweep”. Also many thanks to the whole group for making this a really nice day. Obsidians were Melvina Bartels, Daniele Delaby, Yuan Hopkins, Velma Shirk, Barb Sutherland, Michelle Tambellini and Jan Wright. The many non-members were Jane Bartell, Janet Black, Gerald “Jerry” Brindle, Sandi Cornez, Chris Cunningham, Betty & Garry Ehrlich, Mary Ellen Laughlin, Carol & Chuck Rheinwold and Jan Peterson. Leading from somewhere in the middle of the pack, Sharon Ritchie.

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