Row River Trail (and beyond)

October 14, 2000

Two bike riders came down from Eugene to meet the leader at the Row River Trail parking area near the 6-mile post. It was a bit foggy, but not cold. It had rained the day before so the path was damp in places and with colorful leaves decorating it and the surrounding trees. At about the 10-mile post along Row River Road where the bike path parallels it we came upon a pot bellied pig leaning up against the fence separating the road from the bike trail. It seemed to be injured in the rear end and couldn’t stand. We rode on to the Dorena Store where Carl called the County to come and rescue it. When we returned it was gone, so we hope it got good help. Lunch at Rujada Campground was pleasant, as was the ride back. The lake was perfectly calm, which is unusual in the afternoon. Riders were Norma Lockyear, Carl Sonntag and leader Shirley Froyd.

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