Tahkenitch Dunes

October 14, 2000

The group left Eugene in three cars under cloudy skies. The clouds stayed with us but they did get thinner once we were in Florence. Parking fees are now $5 per car at Tahkenitch Dunes Campground trailhead. Because it had rained earlier in the week, walking through the dunes was very easy on the border sand. Once we got to the beach we walked north to Tahkenitch Creek and then turned and headed south, stopping for lunch break before heading back inland. The woods were a riot of bright yellow-green new moss and thousands of tiny mushrooms. Part of the group slowed to note the many different types of newly grown fungi. After the hike the group stopped at Alphabits in Mapleton for treats before heading back to Eugene. Hikers included Yuko Nakamura, Jerold Williams, Mary Ann Esterberg, Max Brown, Jan Wright, Yuan Hopkins, Daniele Delaby, Lucille Peterson, Bob Huntley, Sig Otto, Anne Dhu McLucas and leader Sheila Ward.

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