Triangulation Peak

September 30, 2000

After a good spell of fine weather, prospects were not good for it to continue through this day. Our six hikers boarded Betty & Garry’s van and started up the McKenzie. Our goal was W-NW of Mt. Jefferson. As we approached the area we could see that rain was threatening in the hills. By the time we arrived at the trailhead it was indeed trying to rain. We found water in the trail in many places, and the huckleberry bushes along the trail were getting our pants wet. We found only an occasional huckleberry. For the rest of the hike we had some showers and some dry periods; but most of the time it drizzled on us. Just after noon, we arrived at the top of Triangulation Peak, where the leader had first gone about 48 years earlier to visit a friend who was manning the lookout. The lookout building is long gone. Instead of eating our lunch there, we went down to the Bocca Cave, where it would be drier: In good weather one can see Mt. Jefferson neatly framed by the entrance to the cave. The summit is about 13 miles away, as the crow flies. There were places in the trail to the cave where we needed to be very careful on the wet trail. We made our way back up to join the main trail, and arrived back at the car about 2:40 p.m., wet, but happy with a satisfying hike. The leader encouraged the others to return in better weather, when they could have the beautiful views of the mountain. We returned to Eugene about 5:10. Hikers were Terry Brindle, Chris Cunningham, Betty & Garry Ehrlich, Velma Shirk and Norm Benton (leader).

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