Tam McArthur Rim

September 23, 2000

“This hike rates a 10’er”, said one person halfway through an eight-mile hike from Three Creek Lake campground to the top of Tam McArthur Rim then along the rim to the base of Broken Top. It wasn’t just the magnificent views of the valley, and the close-up view of the Three Sisters, but the weather. Not what we were expecting. Friday’s weather in the Cascades was on the cool side. Saturday’s R-G called for “gusty winds” with pass temperature in the 50’s. The leader woke up on Saturday morning to find a dust of frosty white on his lawn. On the way there the wind was blowing clouds of dust off the highway cuts in the Hoodoo area. We arrived at the trailhead to discover snow (at least two inches on the permit box). We wondered what awaited us at a higher elevation. Everyone layered up. At least it wasn’t windy, the sun was shining, the sky a cloudless blue, and the pine trees laden with snow were picturesque. We needn’t have worried. The day only got better. We were soon hiking in short sleeves. The snow had transformed the landscape into a spectacular Christmas card. After lunch at the promontory we continued west. The lack of footprints in the snow indicated we were the first ones to go beyond the promontory that day. At this point the area is fairly treeless. The trail stood out from the surrounding boulders and shrubs because the snow had collected in the trail rut. At the beginning of the ridge which leads to Broken Top several decided to stop, bask in the sun and enjoy the view while the remainder went the additional mile to the base of Broken Top. Enjoying this memorable hike were Janet Blade, Jerry Brindle, Yuan Hopkins, Bob Huntley, Suzanne Shannon, Tim Shinabarger, Michelle Tambellini, Jan Wright, Mel Zavodsky and Richard Heinzkill, leader.

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