Little Brother

September 13, 2000

Four of us left Eugene under cloud cover with hopes of finding some sunshine at higher elevations. We saw brief glimpses of blue as we drove up the McKenzie, and things looked more and more promising as we hiked through the woods on the Obsidian Trail, then across the lava field and along Glacier Creek via Glacier Way Trail. We crossed Sunshine Meadow and continued on up to a resting and eating stop below Arrowhead Lake. At this point we were sure that our trip to the summit would be sun drenched, but this was not to be! By the time we resumed our journey, the clouds thickened considerably, and as we continued onward and upward the visibility decreased to less than one hundred feet at times. We managed to find the summit anyway, and everyone seemed glad that we had persevered despite the conditions. Hikers were Peggy Lee Mathes, Joann Vinton, Holly Sobella and trip leader, Doug Quirk.

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