Mountain Lakes Wilderness

September 8-10, 2000

With Rich Anselmo’s prediction of 1½ days of rain at Jeff Park and advice to head southeast, and Rick Ahrens’ suggestion that we try the Mountain Lakes Wilderness below Crater Lake, the telephone lines burned and the next day we departed. True to prediction, the trip in was sunny with a good breeze to keep us cool. We set up camp at Harriet Lake, considered the “jewel” of the Wilderness. That evening the “breezes” increased enough to send us to our tents early, although they stopped around 11. Later it got very cold and we were greeted by frost on the tents and ground and ice in the water on Saturday morning, but blue skies and warm sun soon took care of that problem. We took a leisurely stroll on the 8-mile loop around this small Wilderness. We saw Klamath Lake and many small lakes near the trail (Eb and Zeb, for example). John, Jan, Anne and Rick took a side trip up an unnamed rocky butte for a view of Lake of the Woods, Mts. Shasta and McLoughlin. Back at camp, people took advantage of the beautiful lake from soaking tired feet to swimming. After dinner that night we enjoyed a small fire in the firepit. Fortunately, the night was warm so everyone got a good night’s rest. The next morning after breakfast we packed up and went home by way of Crater Lake, stopping at the many scenic overlooks. Many, many thanks to everyone for going on the adventure, the great conversation and the many laughs. Members were Rick Ahrens, Lana Lindstrom, Anne Dhu McLucas, John & Jan Jacobsen and Janet Towar. Non-member: Jim Peterson. Leader of this group? Never! Rather: Logistics Coordinator: Sharon Ritchie. [P.S. - Rich reported later that it snowed at Jeff Park Friday night!]

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