Four-In-One Cone

August 20, 2000

The hike to Four-in-One-Cone couldn’t have been better. The cool front had wiped out the mosquitoes, the temperature was perfect, and the skies gave us the view we were looking for. We spent about 40 minutes on top of this ridgeline of cinders to enjoy the strange topography, beautiful twisted dead white pines, and the glorious air. We were so energized, we decided to continue up the trail for a look for lupine, which lengthened our trip to just over 10 miles – giving us a good excuse to stop for pizza at Ike’s on the way home. Our congenial group included Max Brown, Don Ladigan, Linda Meares, Kathy Poole, Cynthis Stenger, Sharon Ritchie, Max Vollmer and Clare Tucker, leader.

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