Tam McArthur Rim

August 17, 2000

The hardest part of the entire hike was walking barefoot across the sharp pebbles into the cool, clear water of Three Creek Lake after we returned hot and dusty to the trailhead. But was it ever worth it! It was my first swim in a mountain lake this season. Sixteen people had signed up for this hike in the Three Sisters Wilderness, four more than allowed by law. Rather than counting on enough no-shows to bring the total down to twelve, or otherwise having to leave the four behind, I asked Ed Lichtenstein (No. 14 on the sign-up sheet) if he’d be willing to lead a second group with the stand-bys. He was, and proposed to call them and ask them to leave at 8:00 a.m. to put an hour’s worth of distance between the two groups on the trail, thus meeting not only the letter but the spirit of the law. We’d surely meet them on their way back down the mountain. Well, we never did run into them, and I’m eager to read Ed’s trip report. Our own group of nine (three had canceled) left at 9:00, with six in Dan’s van and three in my car. Both drive and hike went without a hitch. Early into the hike we had to step off the trail for two riders on nervous horses (or was it two nervous riders?). Wading uphill in almost ankle-deep white dust we could smell the recent passage of the horses, later followed by the “suspicious odor” (Sullivan) of fuzzy flowers called “dirty sox”. But the view from the top was a feast for our eyes, and our sense of taste was pleasantly stimulated by Maggie’s bar of Icelandic chocolate. Delayed a little by our swim in the lake, we caught up with the other six in the Depot Deli in Sisters. I had a bowl of thick, spicy lentil soup with sausage and garlic stix, plus a cup of road coffee ($4.50), and helped Richard eat his wonderful, greasy French fries (with peelings). We were back in Eugene at 7:20 p.m. The nine Tam McArthur Rimmers were Dan Bates, Max Brown, Barbara Bruns,- Maggie Gontrum, Richard Sundt, Jim Fritz, Ellen Lembach, Paulette Montplaisir (pronounced “Mt. Pleasure” in this country) and Helmut Plant, leader.

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