McKenzie River Trail

August 8, 2000

On a warm summer morning we boarded the LTD bus for the McKenzie Ranger Station. Once there we checked out the progress of the reconstruction of the Visitor Center. By winter it should be completed and a nice looking structure it will be. While hiking upstream, along the river side we were well aware of the dry condition of our forests. The vegetation was dry but not yet suffering for lack of moisture. The bridge at Lot Creek had been rebuilt recently so the lower section of the trail has no problems. In the afternoon while summer-time temperatures were climbing it was somewhat refreshing to watch two groups of rafters being cooled by the McKenzie waters. Taking the hint, some of our hikers cooled their feet at the stream-side. We were Priscilla Aronin, Ellie Maliner, Sandra Larsen, Wendy Clarke, Suzanne & Ted Shannon, Jean Butler, Carol Schwerling, Chuck & Carol Reinwald, Barbara Sutherland, Nancy Callaghan, and Margaret & Bill Prentice, trip leader.

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