Threemile Lake

August 6, 2000

“I’m so sore I can hardly sit!” “Thighs?” “Yes, and calves, ankles, you name it!” We were sitting, all 13 of us, in two adjoining booths in the Gingerbread Village Restaurant on the way home to Eugene. “Was this your first hike with the Obsidians?” “My first hike, period.” This was not a teenager talking either, but a mature woman. Still, two others expressed an interest in joining the Obsidians and requested application forms. Thirteen people had signed up, 11 of them women, with 14-year-old Nick and the leader being the only males on this trip. From Walton west we were driving under a cool, cloudy sky, and at the trailhead in Tahkenitch Campground it felt downright cold. A sign demanded $5 per vehicle, and threatened prosecution. Is this what’s in store for us, steadily rising trailhead parking fees? Once in the dunes we didn’t see anyone else until we lumbered down the steep sand dune to the lake. There was a young couple camped near the shore with “Elly”, their super-friendly dog that insisted that we throw her cloth frisbee. I pulled out my own frisbee ring and set up a competing game. Although I had hoped for warm sunshine I wasn’t going to leave Threemile Lake without going in for a swim. Two women joined me, while others went for a wade. “It’s cold!” “Not as cold as a mountain lake or the McKenzie!” When we got ready to leave, two decided to work their way back up the sand dune while the rest followed me through the reeds along the side of the lake to the log bridge. Six and a half hours after setting out from the trailhead all 13 were back at the cars, looking forward to sitting down to warm gingerbread and ice cream. Threemile Lakers were: Daniele Delaby, Jennifer & Nick Hewko, Yuan Hopkins, Carole Horton, Helen Liguori, Aileen Lyman, Ambre ReMillard, Nola Shurtleff, Michelle Tambellini, Cheryl Weimer, Jan Wright and Helmut Plant (leader).

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