The Twins

July 26, 2000

Not even the occasional “Road Work Ahead” delay on Hwy. 58 from Westfir to the tunnel could detract from this four-star hike. We drove the information highway (literally) as the crews were laying fiber optic cable under the road bed. This hike deserves four stars for these reasons: • Blue sky, light breeze — perfect weather. • Olympic class hikers, who hiked the trail in less than four hours, including lunch! • The view! All 360° of it. • Frozen treats and air conditioning at the Oakridge DQ. It doesn’t get any better than this … Hikers were Elliot Aronin, Maggie Gontrum, Ellie Maliner, Max Brown, Joe Scheibe, Benette Rauch, Nancy Callaghan, Vickie Foster, Sue Mombert and Karen Myers, leader.

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