Heceta Head, Hobbit Trail

July 20, 2000

When we made it to the coast we found it very cool and windy. The fog at the top of Heceta Head was so heavy that the spruce trees were “raining” from the condensation. The short distance from the beach into the woods proved to be much more protected and calmer. A couple of us estimated the wind had grown to 30 mph at the end of the hike. There was no activity to report in the meadow east of Washburne State Park where elk are known to frequent. It was also quiet at the beaver pond south of the meadow. We ate lunch at the light house where we saw a couple of colonies of birds: one was Cormorants and the other I thought were Murres. Several of us noticed a “midden” of shells at the end of the Hobbit Trail close to the beach. It looked like a place where native American people had eaten and discarded shells for many years. Our trip ended with pie at Alphabits in Mapleton. I’d like to thank the dozen hikers who made this trip so enjoyable: Jean Butler, Benette Rauch, Wendy Clarke, Barb Sutherland, Mary Ann Holser, Max Brown, Nola Shurtleff, Carol Schwerling, Priscilla Aronin, Elliot Heon and Herb Lee. J. Scott Hovis, leader.

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