Four-In-One Cone

July 16, 2000

We left SEHS at 8:00 a.m. and drove up to MP 72 on the Old McKenzie Hwy, stopping at the McKenzie Ranger Station. The 12 of us arrived at the trailhead at 10:00 and began to hike. The day was fair with a slight overcast, a few puffy clouds and a welcome breeze. The mosquitoes were out in moderate numbers to welcome us through the lower and middle portions of the trail. The group wanted to extend the hike to the flower meadow east of the cone, so we did, adding about two miles round-trip to the hike. We had lunch in the meadow and all hiked up to the cone. The views of the lava flows in the foreground and the Sisters and other High Cascade and Old Cascades peaks were spectacular. We hiked back and stopped for treats on the way. The weather favored us for a beautiful day for a hike. Hikers were: Steve Shriver, Michelle Tambellini, Jan Wright, Pat Adams, Ethel Weltman, Elliot Aronin, Yuan Hopkins, Don Doerr, Wendy Dame, Anne Dhu McLucas, Bob Lemon and Allan Coons (leader).

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