McQuade Creek

June 25, 2000

The hikers met at 8:30 a.m. We arrived at the trailhead of McQuade Creek at 10:30. The sign-in box had a warning posted about blow down the first half mile. The undaunted hikers departed. They weren’t kidding! The trees created an obstacle course that lasted through the stream crossings. As we gained elevation the blow downs lessened. Hot weather showed itself through the few openings and we relished in the moderate canopy most of the hike, appreciating the temperature shelter of the beautiful forest. By 1:00 p.m. we were at the McQuade Creek Shelter, now imploded, for lunch. After a refreshing break, and a reading from Sullivan's narrative, the group decided to continue another 1½ miles to the base of Chimney Rock. The lookout station is no longer there, but a scramble up rock and vine maple assures a view of the Cascade peaks. At the 6½ mile point, two hikers declined the scamper and took a view break while the leader took the challenge for the vista. Mountains visible were Jefferson, Three Fingered Jack, the Three Sisters, Hood and Diamond Peak. The hike down foretold of increased mercury as we descended, again grateful for the canopy cover. We were back at the vehicle by 5:45 — 13 miles to show for the day. We encountered coyote tracks at creek beds, found tufts of coyote fur, as well as hearing a sage grouse call a warning. Beautiful day, wonderful hike, great company! Hikers were Wendy Dames, Don Doerr and Sierra Demo, leader.

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