Ridgeline Trail

June 20, 2000

We took the #22C Crest Drive bus from 29th Avenue and Portland Street. to Blanton Road. We walked half a mile up Blanton, seeing a pair of does along the way. We then entered the trailhead and walked 1.8 miles, passing a group of Columbia Tiger lilies and hearing a raven in the distance as well as other flowers and birds. When we came out on Willamette Street and were about to head on downhill to the bus stop, three people decided they wanted to keep walking, so we all crossed the street entered at the next trailhead. Then the leader gave instructions for finding the bus at the other end and officially ended the organized part of the hike. One of the members already knew the route, so the three continued on while the leader turned back and followed the original plan. Hikers were non-member Barb Bakke and Obsidians Dick Hildreth, Ruth Romoser and Nola Shurtleff, leader.

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