Mt. June

June 17, 2000

Of 21 people signed up for this hike to Mt. June on a gorgeous day, three were no-shows. One of them was someone who had tacked a note next to the trip sheet on the Obsidian bulletin board that she was looking for a few people (“Not 17”!) to go hiking with, and that people who shared her sentiment should call her. The remaining 19 were a polyglot group with two speakers of Spanish (Rocio and Arturo), two of German (Sig and yours truly), one of Farsi (Leila) and one of Chinese (Yuan). And then to everybody’s pleasant surprise there was John of the “Springfield News”, who was going to do a story on the Obsidians and take pictures of both the flowers and us. Since in recent years Mt. June seems to have grown higher and steeper, I decided to break the party into two groups, fast Sawtooth Rockers (nine-milers) and slower Mt. Juners-only (eight-milers). Here is the proper place to praise Max Brown who agreed to lead the fast group and later brought everyone in his group back to the trailhead. The summit was empty, sunny with a nice breeze, and offered a clear view of the Cascades … and it had wild flowers. On the way down on Lost Creek Trail we stopped briefly at the only spot where you can hear Lost Creek “babble”. Arturo and I climbed down and poured water over our heads. I couldn’t resist and drank a couple of handfuls, all the warnings to the contrary notwithstanding. A day later I feel just fine! We were back at the (totally unmarked) trailhead exactly five-and-a-half hours after leaving it at 10:20 a.m. Final good news: everybody’s car started, and we were all back in Eugene by 6:00 p.m. as promised on the trip sheet. Hikers were: Rocio Banderas, Dan Bates, Arturo Bustos, Max Brown, Brad Clements, Wendy Dame, Don Doerr, Leila Eslamizar, Yuan Hopkins, Page Houchens, Marilyn Kerins, John Lovdokken, Sig Otto, Sharon Ritchie, Dave Strutin, Marilyn Waff, Mel Zavodsky and Helmut Plant, leader.

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