Old Santiam Wagon Road

June 4, 2000

Because of snow level, the planned Canyon Creek Meadow trip was substituted by a delightful 11-mile hike on the Old Santiam Wagon Road. The group of six set out from the trailhead off Hwy. 20 through meadows of iris and alder, took a side trail to see House Rock waterfall, and reached an oldgrowth patch by about noon. Since the leader had seen a pair of spotted owls there the week before, the group waited and was rewarded by the appearance of one of these rare creatures, who sat in a tree quite near and appeared as curious about us as we were about her. We had lunch on a knoll with a view of Iron Mtn. and others and some nice madrone trees, and then headed back, encountering the owl once more in the same area. The hike ended with a delicious pie and cobbler feast at the Mountain House Restaurant. Obsidians on the trip were Bob Huntley, Elliot Aronin and leader Anne Dhu McLucas; nonmembers were Leslie & Charlie Wright and Elise Morgan.

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