Ridgeline Trail

May 23, 2000

Nine hikers took the #23 bus to Fox Hollow and Donald. We then walked up Fox Hollow Rd. about a mile to the trailhead on the left just passed the Raptor Center. There is no sidewalk on the road, so we carried a couple of brightly colored pennants on sticks. The few cars that passed us gave us a wide berth. We then followed the east section of the Ridgeline Trail (which was mostly dry) for about a mile to Dillard Rd. There was some poison oak, but it was easily avoided. Song sparrows and other birds were singing, apparently unafraid of us since they were so well hidden in the thick woods. We also saw wildflowers including iris, inside-out flower and woodland star. We then walked half-a-mile down Dillard to another trailhead. This was a one-mile loop to the top of Baldy Ridge. We found a nice place to sit and eat with a view out over Eugene and Fern Ridge Reservoir. We then returned by the same route except that the bus goes back on the other side of Amazon Park. So we got off at Amazon Station and walked across the park to our original meeting place. Hikers were nonmember Linda Eismann and Obsidians Gisele Garrity, Dick Hildreth, Yuan Hopkins, Sandra Larsen, Sig Otto, Benette Rauch, Velma Shirk and Nola Shurtleff, leader.

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