Fall Creek

May 21, 2000

Nine enthusiastic bicyclists anticipated and realized a truly beautiful day on May 21. The weather was ideal, high 70s with soft breezes to cool the brow of a hard-climbing biker. Dogwoods were in bloom overhead and purple wild iris were on the ground as we followed Fall Creek up and past the dam. We were mainly alone as few cars or people shared the scenery with us. We enjoyed lunch on a bluff of rocks on the river then took off our bike shoes to get a grip on those slippery rocks to clamber back to our bicycles. Forty miles and a few hills made us feel as though we had made a good start to the 2000 bicycling season. Riders were Bob Devine, Dick Moffit, Norma Lockyear, Joyce Sanders, Warren Kadas, Mary Bremner, Barbara Bruns, David Roderick and Gayle Berge, leader.

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