Yachats to Waldport

May 9, 2000

It is always a surprise how many people want to share an easy stroll on the beach from Yachats to Waldport. Thanks to Margee Wright the Eugene group was well coordinated and we all met at the Adobe parking lot in Yachats in a real soakerrain downpour storm! But as usual we lucked out and got only wet feet crossing the swollen streams. We had a -1.05 ft. low tide, a strong wind on our backs and the marvellous wide beach to ourselves. The sun came out and we spread out on the wide expanse doing our own thing, sharing and solitary. The ocean became full of whitecaps, sand was drying and flying and thousands of clear and blue “sail by the wind” creatures washed ashore on their wind-guided life journey. Few places in this world can offer such an enjoyable beach walk and such pleasant people. Most of us topped off the day with “4 o’clock tea” at my tree-top house in Yachats. Gisele came from Cheshire even though she had worked late the night before, and her husband became our trusty shuttle driver. Thanks to all for making it so pleasant. Beach strollers were Ron Benton, Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Liz DeShetler, Gisele Garrity, Bob Hookland, Benette Rauch, Teri Johnson, Yuan Hopkins, Sig Otto, Joe Scheibe, Nola Shurtleff, Clare Tucker, Sheila Ward, Margee Wright and Birgitte Williams (leader).

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