McKenzie River Trail

May 4, 2000

The constant swishing of the windshield wipers from Eugene to the trailhead was not a good omen on the morning of May 3. We were a group of nine people. Arriving at the trailhead under the dense forest cover the rain dissolved into a light mist. We started up the trail along the rushing McKenzie marveling at the beauty of the place. There were several logs across the trail that we needed to climb over. We continued to Tamolitch Pool, seeing orchids, trilliums and red currant bushes. The trail was dry despite the rain as we crossed the lava flows just before the pool. Tamolitch Pool was a deep blue and a number of little waterfalls came in several feet above the pool level. The group continued beyond the pool far enough to make the hike a qualifying one. There were four new hikers interested in becoming members. After lunch at the pool we returned to the cars. The hike was enjoyed by Obsidians Nicole Chase, Benette Rauch, Heiner Wagener and leaders Bill Loy & Maude Caldwell, and prospective members Stephen Kramer, Teri Johnson, Rebecca Dorithi and Ed Monaco.

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