Sweet Creek Falls

April 29, 2000

There were no hikes scheduled for this weekend so the leader was delighted to see that 15 people, during a rainy week, signed up for an unscheduled hike only put up the previous Saturday! The fantastic weather, a lovely river trail lavishly sprinkled with wild flowers and ferns, full rushing waterfalls, and a congenial group of leisurely hikers gave us all a case of spring fever. Sig Otto, looking like the Pied Piper with a string of serious fast hiking LCC students following behind him, seemed surprised that the people skipping rocks and basking like seals plopped all over the flat of the river were his fellow Obsidians. Unfortunately, a member of our group slipped on a rock which led us to skip that last leg of the trip. Dispelling any reputation the Obsidians may have had of being serious hikers were members Joella Ewing, Andy Jobarek, Yuan Hopkins, Bob Huntley, Benette Rauch, Michelle Tambellini, Mel Zavodsky and adhering non-members Marilyn Kerins, Cornelia Kline, Kenneth Liberman, Michelle Lodjic, Margaret Hathaway, Irving Wohlfarth along with leader Margee Wright.

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