Kentucky Falls

April 22, 2000

The nice weather obviously inspired a lot of folk to get out and hike. Twenty-three participants signed up for this outing. With a group this large it took a bit of time to collect fees, introduce ourselves, organize drivers and passengers, and hand out maps, etc. By 9:10 we were on the road, having agreed to meet at the first turnoff to the Whittaker Creek Recreation Area. After waiting for all the cars to arrive, we drove the remaining twisting and at times rough route to the trailhead. We were pleasantly surprised to find the sun peeking through the clouds. Rain had been predicted, and is a common occurrence at Kentucky Falls. We felt very lucky. The hike was pleasant and unhurried. We ate lunch at the lower falls, visited, and at a leisurely pace made our way back up to the trailhead. Thanks, Elliot, for bringing the walkie-talkie devices: they came in handy! Hikers were Elliot & Priscilla Aronin, Barbara Sutherland, Marilyn Waif, Michelle Tambellini, Joella Ewing, Yuan Hopkins, Wendy Clarke, Marian West, Herb Lee, Ed Monaco, Benette Rauch, Liz DeShetler, Corinne Hunt, Bill & Maryellen Laughlin, Heiner & Joanna Wagener, Nola Shurtleff, Michelle Lodjic, Kelly McIvor, Donald Resue and trip leader Lynette Boone.

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