Finley Wildlife Refuge

April 9, 2000

There’s an old saying that if things don’t begin in chaos, they will end that way; so fortunately we got the confusing part out of the way early on. With such a small group, Margee graciously volunteered to drive so we all rode together. We stopped at McFadden Marsh and saw several species of ducks and shore birds and heard several different birds singing. Next we went to the overlook where we saw thousands of hungry, noisy Canada Geese, fattening up for the trip to Alaska. Then we did two short hikes with brief nature interpretation stops. Margee and Janet liked one loop so much they almost did it twice! Overall, the weather was pleasant, the birds and wild flowers good, and the company pleasant. Finley Wildlifers were Margee Wright, John & Janet Jacobsen, Teresita Ladd, Mary Robinson and Rick Ahrens (leader).

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