Trail Loops

March 26, 2000

The first hike of 2000 was the six mile Loops Trail following and crossing Sutton Creek, with a jog to Alder and Dune Lakes. It was a sunny, warm day for early spring on the coast. The trail goes through thicket and coast pine forest and over the sand, occasionally catching a view of the wandering Sutton Creek. The group was terrific: everyone waited for the many junctions. The trail is well signed, but there are still a few places to ponder the right way to go especially on the jog to Alder and Dune Lakes. Hikers were Barbara Bruns, Yuan Hopkins, Corinne Hunt, Helen Liguori, Norma Lockyear, Sig Otto, Sharon Ritchie, Nola Shurtleff, Michelle Tambellini, Maggie Young and Mary Ellen West, leader.

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