Mt. St. Helens

September 24, 2000

This was my first Obsidian climb in about four years. During the intervening time, thing have changed enough in the Obsidians that I did not know any of the people who signed up! It turned out to be a really great group of climbers. So that is a good sign for the Club — both that it continues to attract new people, and that it attracts the kind of high-quality people that any club desires. The climb was very enjoyable. We had sunny, fairly clear weather, although it was windy. We all could have used goggles to keep the lava dust out of our eyes. The new $15 per person Forest Service climbing fee didn’t seem to bother anyone, although it was a little time-consuming to obtain permits. Joining me (Bill Montgomery, leader) on their first ascent of this fascinating volcano were: Daniel Hagen, Marsha Barr, Lori & Spencer Robertson, Lara London, Betram Malle and Lael Rogan.

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