Diamond Peak

May 6, 2000

Though the weather looked a little “iffy” during the week, Saturday morning turned out to be' spectacularly blue and sunny for our climb of Diamond Peak. We numbered 13 in all and most of the group was comprised of attendees of the Obsidian Climb School, this being their “graduation” climb. There were also a few veterans along, including George Jobanek and Jim Pearce. We hit the Pioneer Gulch trailhead at about 8:50 and hiked fully a half mile before encountering any snow. We made steady progress and eventually surmounted the southwest ridgeline and thence the south peak. Several climbers, including Don Gilman, Dave Strutin, Bob Burnett, and others went ahead and made the summit at about 12:45, while the rest of us gradually arrived up until 1:45. The wind was light and the temperature 31 degrees. Upon crossing back to the south peak we encountered Margy Riggs, who had trailed behind but had kept steadily climbing. This being her first climb ever and still feeling well, she expressed a desire to at least make it to the south summit, which we heartily endorsed. After several minutes she was there and was photographed for posterity. Following a bearing of S 62 W, the group continued its descent directly down the southwest ridge. This eventually took us into the trees and across some undulating terrain. Small hillocks afforded us the opportunity to look again upon Diamond and check our back-azimuth to the south summit. Meanwhile, Kristine Nelson’s sporadically flying snowballs kept us on the watch! After resting at a warm, sunny basalt outcropping and taking in our last look at Diamond, we resumed our bearing and bushwhacked down a steep and tangled slope. This eventually flattened out, and after descending a draw and crossing more flat ground, we came out exactly at the trailhead and our cars. Somehow having found a “spatial incongruity” in the woods, Kristine, Deb, and Rena were already there waiting for us when we arrived. Summit certificates were handed out to everyone, including Margy, whose tenacity earned her a certificate for the south summit of Diamond Peak. The group was a great one to climb with-congratulations to all! Other successful “summiteers” included Deb Eldridge, Brad and Ruthie Mochlmann, John Driscoll and Rena Gold. Climb leader: Karl Kriegh.

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