Gold Lake

December 25, 1999

It was soggy and cold in the Valley when six intrepid souls set off on Christmas Day for the Willamette Pass, but by the time we reached Dexter Lake the sun was peering through. The trip was scheduled for Crescent Lake, but since there wasn’t any snow there Gold Lake became the destination. It was cold, but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky at the SnoPark. The “snow” was very packed and icy, making it difficult to snow plow down the gentle inclines, but we all arrived safely at the bridge around noon. Just in time for lunch in the sun while admiring the beautiful rime ice crystals on the trees … but not for long. No sooner had Bob stopped, when his skis went out from under him and we heard “I didn’t hear a crack, but I think I broke something!” It quickly became apparent that as he had reached behind to break his fall, he had broken his left arm (he’s left handed). Fortunately, there were several experienced folks on the trip equipped to handle emergencies. Elliot had a splint and a wonderful day pack with ski “sleeves”, Don took the extra day pack. And because the snow was so hard packed, it was relatively easy for Bob to walk out. After spending a couple of hours at the Eugene Clinic, Bob was told he had a compound wrist fracture which would require surgery. The arm was once again put in an ace bandage and he was sent home with pain medication. The surgery was two days later and he will be out of work for 8-12 weeks (ouch!). Not the kind of Christmas any of us, particularly Bob, had in mind! Sharing this memorable day were Elliot Aronin, Bob Huntley, Don Ladigin, Jack Lindstrom, Nicole Ryckenbusch and Lana Lindstrom (leader).

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