Crater Butte

June 6, 1999

This was supposed to be a ski-climb up the south side of Diamond Peak. Last year on a private trip some of us accomplished this route and all went well. This year it was unseasonably cold and when we reached the plateau south of Diamond Peak via the usual route up the outlet stream from Marie Lake, we noticed that the snow was still pretty hard frozen, the weather doubtful, and the peak in and out of clouds; so we opted for Crater Butte instead. After recovering from the usual route finding problems brought on by a bumbling leader, we made it to the north of Crater Butte and, not quite sure where the open slope path to the summit was, headed up through the trees. Because the snow was quite firm and quite steep, most of us took off our skis at this point. The ascent was a little hairy because it wasn’t clear that a fall on snow would be easily stopped, but we kept the run out short by judicious use of trees and were all sufficiently careful that the slickness of the slope wasn’t tested. On top we had a great view and after lunch a splendid ski down the open slopes we should have come up. The return to the car was on optimum snow. The four of us on this ski were Tyler Burgess, Van Likes, Andy McIver and John Mowat (leader).

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