Snow Creek Meadows

May 29-31, 1999

Memorial Day Weekend at Snow Creek Meadows was about as good as a three-day ski-backpack trip could ever hope to be. Aided by pleasant, warm weather our group began hiking up a dusty road about a mile short of where we could have driven were it not for a very large tree across the road. Soon the skis could stay on for good as we climbed the gentle grade to Meadows base camp at about 6,000 ft. Thankfully, open water was available at a lovely heather-covered spot where the creek gushed out from under a 12-ft. wall of snow only to go under again 100 feet downstream. After everyone “caught up on sleep” and monitored the full moon’s progress, a cool, clear windy Sunday was spent climbing the ridge connecting Broken Hand with Broken Top where we had our closest encounter with other people: ski tracks less than one day old from the Ball Butte direction. Otherwise, no other tracks or people since crossing Forest Road #16: three days of real wilderness solitude! Aided by gravity, our return glide to the car went well for Obsidians Bob Lemon, Josh Ladau, Don Ladigin and Anne McLucas. While the “L”s were well represented, perhaps next year some other parts of the alphabet could come along — especially those with a big chain saw!

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