Diamond View Lake

April 10, 1999

When I signed up to lead this trip, I was expecting to do it as a point-to-point ski with a car shuttle, starting from the Crescent Lake SnoPark, ascending past Pretty Lake to Saddle Lake, then take a fabulous run through the open trees to Diamond View Lake, then out the Trapper Creek Trail to Shelter Cove. I never imagined that we'd be having a foot of fresh snow in mid-April! With five of us to break trail, the prospect of 15 miles of trail breaking didn’t sound like the best idea. So, instead we followed the Trapper Creek Trail (more or less; the blazes were buried!) to Diamond View Lake, and returned the same way. The day started out blustery, but once we were in the trees, the winds and snow were no problem for us. In fact, there were breaks in the weather that allowed us to see our shadows occasionally. We used our maps and compasses, with occasional reference to a GPS, to keep on track to Diamond View Lake. With six miles of trail breaking to the lake shared among five people, we all felt that we’d had some exercise by the time we reached the lake. We stopped for a good long break at the lake, unfortunately without the views of Diamond Peak that are promised by its name. On the return trip we were rewarded for our trail breaking efforts with a great, well-packed, gently rolling trail out. A great time was had by all ’ Doug Quirk, John Hegg, Steve Goins, Liz Conibear and Sue Sullivan (leader).

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