Arrowhead Lake

February 21, 1999

Ten participants riding in two cars left the SEHS parking lot at 8:00 am. When we arrived at the Gold Lake SnoPark area at Willamette Pass the temperature was well below freezing. Several inches of nice powder had fallen the night before and it was still snowing; it continued throughout the day with a few bright sun breaks. We skied southwest on the snow-covered road to Bechtel Shelter, and after a short break turned south into the Diamond Peak Wilderness. We were headed for Midnight Lake, which is only about half-a-mile from Bechtel Shelter on a marked trail. Since the snow was so deep this year we quickly lost the trail and asked Sue Sullivan to assist us with her Global Positioning System unit. With its help we found Midnight Lake, and after paying a visit with camp robbers we continued on to Arrowhead Lake. Since the trail past Midnight Lake is not marked at-all, the GPS was of great help, and after several corrections and a long up-hill slog we arrived at Arrowhead Lake just after 1:30 pm. The wind had come up so we had a quick lunch in the woods before starting back. The up-hill climb in became a wonderful down-hill ski out. We passed Bechtel Shelter at 3:00 and were back at the SnoPark and on our way to Eugene by 4:00. Skiers were Cathy Edward, John Zigler, Doug Quirk, Sue Sullivan, Bob Haberman, Benjamin Donner, John Hudson, Sue Wolling, Anne McLucas and George Baitinger (leader).

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