Gold Lake

February 7, 1999

Twelve people went off into the heavy snow; seven non-members, one snow shoer. The highway was packed and sanded and we made it to the parking lot without chains. The snow was deep and some trail breaking was needed but all made it to the shelter shortly after noon (9:20 am departure). There were few cars in the parking lot and few people on the trail. At the shelter Jim and Bob got a good fire started — appreciated by our group and by those who came later. It snowed intermittently and heavily at times. Going to the lake would have required breaking through really deep snow, so we settled for the creek from the bridge. Returning was a bit easier since there was now a track. Poling was awkward though because the snow beside the track was so high. At the parking lot we stopped at the hut for cocoa. Dan had to put on chains to get his van out of the parking lot and the drive was slow until we left the snow. We all marveled at the amount of snow on the trail and on the trees. Enjoying the deep, quiet snow were nonmembers Louie Boeloke, Carol Armstrong, Sherri Canwell, Mary Croson, Jim Whitfield, Scott Wite and JoAnn Vinton and Obsidians Dan Bates, Genie Currier, Carol Houde, Bob Moffitt and leader Ed Lichtenstein.

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