Rosary Lakes

October 23, 1999

The overcast skies in Eugene had cleared by Dexter Lake and the trees along Hwy. 58 treated us to a spectacular show of color as we drove to the trailhead. We enjoyed a beautiful fall hike with a long leisurely lunch in the sun on the south shore of North Rosary Lake. After lunch some of us watched schools of 8"-plus fish basking in the sunshine in the shallow waters along the shore. The following Tuesday, October 26, the first storm covered the trails we had just been hiking with a couple of inches of snow and the McKenzie Pass Highway was closed for the winter. Enjoying possibly the last Obsidian Cascade trip of the season were non-members Marsha Barr, Herb Lee, Vincenze Scarpari, Peter Rhoda, Michele Tambellini and Mel Zavodsky and Obsidians Max Brown (assistant trip leader), Mary Ann Hastings, Anne Dhu McLucas, Sheila Ward, Barbara Schomaker and leader Margee Wright. [P.S. — The leader may have a beautiful new Patagonia aqua-colored hat with a white mesh top if one of the hikers that rode with her (left rear seat) this month doesn’t claim it.]

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